27. My Vision on Creation Versus


January 10, 2011


    A few months ago, the Holy Spirit prompted me with a concept related to the age old question as to which came first, the chicken or the egg, to wit: Man goes through the infant stage before becoming an adult. How could the infant care for itself when the infant stage comes first? This sounds simple, but has man missed the profundity of this concept? Has man sufficiently answered this riddle associated with his evolution concepts? The answer is an emphatic no. So I prayed over this matter and the Lord impressed me in vision that I should call attention to this simple but profound truth. And it goes beyond the human element to include all mammals. Which mammal could care for itself successfully in order to survive and reach adulthood without adult caretakers? The Lord showed me this is impossible. In my 69 years, I have never heard of this concept being expressed by any other man, though I am not saying such has not occurred.

The Lord also showed me that Lucifer was jealous of Adam and Eve’s ability to procreate by reproducing themselves. The angels were not given that privilege. So Satan has done all in his power to thwart the reproduction process as it relates to man having been created as adults which is an empirical fact when one considers the impossibilities relative to all newborn mammals to care for themselves. Though all living creatures have shown God given ability to mutate and adapt to changing environmental conditions, NONE AMONGST MAMMALS, have adapted to the condition of being able to care for themselves in the infant stage. I was shown that this is one of the most powerful arguments against evolution and any other conjecture as to the origin of the species.

But man is blinded by Satan as to the absurdities of his reasonings. The things of God’s Word are foolishness to the worldling, but just as surely, unreasonable conjectures of the non-believer worldling are just as fallacious to the true believer.

Truly, the Big Bang Theory and Darwin’s Origin of the Species theory which postulates the slow ascension of all organism’s from a common ancestor—that man and woman developed simultaneously as head-hunting cannibals, is preposterous in the degree that such a concept requires a far higher degree of faith than does the creation account in Genesis. So the next time you discuss evolution vs. Creation with a non-believer, ask him/her how babies amongst all other mammals (let along humans) first cared for themselves in order to reach adulthood, because in an evolving process, according to evolutionary theory, the simpler, undeveloped stage always comes first. This should give us greater appreciation for the Genesis account of Creation and it should prompt evolutionists to rethink the folly of their man-contrived conjectures.

The whole thing is somewhat like the monkey that was seen coming out of library with two books under his arm. One was a Bible and the other was Darwin's Origin of the Species. Someone asked him what he was doing and he said, ‘I'm trying to find out if I'm my brother’s keeper or my keeper’s brother.’"

When we look at God's Word, we can't help but ask why man would try to make a monkey out of himself. What God has to say is so much more logical. Sir Fred Hoyle, one of Britain's foremost scientists, conducted a computerized study of the chance that the first living cell could have developed by a random process. He calculated that the chances of random chemical shuffling in some primordial soup that could produce the complex basic enzymes of just one cell of life, is only one in ten to the fortieth power (10 followed by 40 zeros) that life just happened. He said, ‘There is about as much chance of evolution being true as a hurricane going through a junk yard and building a Boeing 747.’"8

Dr. Conklin, a professor at Princeton University said, ‘To suggest that life just happened by accident has about the same probability as suggesting that a Webster's unabridged dictionary would result from an explosion in a printing factory."’9  Sermons from the book of Genesis by Ken Trivette.

In the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob