109. My Vision on the State of the World

April, 2016

April 9, 2016


Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

This April 9, 2016, the Lord gave me a vision on the ensuing state of the cities of the world relative to the Islamic immigration that is taking place around the world. As an example, he showed me Dearborn, Michigan, and led me to the other links in this manuscript. Scroll down at this link for Dearborn: http://www.allied-media.com/Arab-American/Arab%20american%20Demographics.html

Dearborn, Michigan was the first to implement Sharia law:


The dangers of Sharia Law in America were first outlined in a 2010 study produced by the Center for Security Policy (CSP) titled “Sharia: The Threat to America“, a 352-page book based on authoritative sources of Islamic law. While sharia includes strict rules for prayer and fasting, it is also an all-encompassing legal and political code that covers all aspects of life including those that have nothing to do with religion. - See more at: http://nationalreport.net/city-michigan-first-fully-implement-sharia-law/#sthash.8Vvqs6Hu.dpuf

Today, Arab-Americans -- like many minority groups -- are geographically concentrated. Over two-thirds live in ten states; one-third in California, New York, and Michigan. They are also more likely than other Americans to live in metropolitan areas. Thirty-six percent of Arab-Americans are found in ten cities, primarily Detroit, New York, or Los Angeles.”

For those who are aware of what is transpiring in Europe and other countries with large infiltration of Islamic refugees, it is apparent that the Muslim religion is not compatible with Christianity. When their numbers reach a certain titer, Muslims want to enforce themselves and their religion on the populace. They don’t assimilate. They demand that all other accept their religion and their law.  http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/11/17/5-facts-about-the-muslim-population-in-europe/

I was shown that the value of homes and property owned in the cities where the Muslim population is going to grow most from refugee immigration is going to plunge as it did in Dearborn, Michigan. But by far, property valuation is not the only consideration. There is the danger factor.

American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnJBW49afzg

ENTER DETROIT: Muslim Dominated Detroit Is America’s Most Violent, Crime-filled City | “Detroit is America’s most violent city, its homicide rate is the highest in the country and yet the Detroit Police Department is grossly understaffed....”

http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/muslim-dominated-detroit-is-americas-most-violent-crime-filled-city/ [This is exactly the design of Lucifer/Satan and his agents—the creation of absolute chaos which he will later claim to save us from.]

A few years ago, the Lord gave me a warning that the 144,000 would be out of the cities within a specified time. I gave that timeline. Some of you appreciated that warning and heeded it by selling your property and moving out of the cities. That was just before the Muslim refugee plan was implemented by the United Nations. The Lord has now instructed me to give a general warning to all Christians to remove yourselves from the cities, for a similar crisis as witnessed in Dearborn Michigan, Belgium, Switzerland, Calais, France and Cologne, Germany, to name a few, will be occurring in many other places as the refugee numbers increase.


The Lord showed me that the wise virgins will see the writing on the wall in the following headline which I was directed to for your edification:

FRENCH CITY WITH 40% MUSLIM POPULATION IS THE MOST DANGEROUS CITY IN EUROPE | “Muslims have now set up unofficial checkpoints in various parts of Marseille” http://www.frontpagemag.com/point/214086/french-city-40-muslim-population-most-dangerous-daniel-greenfield

The SDA church leaders are taking a 180-degree different approach to this dilemma. But they have not saved the above cited cities from destruction, danger and loss of property values.


The SDA church is not capable of solving the great dilemma that is coming as refugee numbers increase in Europe and North America. The SDA church has not been able to prevent the many killings of Christians around the world, AND IT NEVER WILL BE CAPABLE OF STOPPING THE BLOOD BATH THAT IS TO COME. The Adventist Church has not prevented Sharia Law in Dearborn, Michigan, even though Andrews University is located in that state. The SDA church has not prevented the killings involved with the many terrorist events around the world which are going to increase. The SDA church is not going to prevent the planned “order out of chaos” depicted in Latin on its one-dollar currency! Rather, like the Pope, SDA leaders have stated that we worship the same god as the Muslims, and the same leaders will finally fail the great test of enforced Sunday sacredness by instructing its members to take the Mark of the Beast by keeping Sunday, to wit:

"The Lord has a controversy with his professed people in these last days. In this controversy men in responsible positions will take a course directly opposite to that pursued by Nehemiah. They will not only ignore and despise the Sabbath themselves, but they will try to keep it from others by burying it beneath the rubbish of custom and tradition. In churches and in large gatherings in the open air, ministers, will urge upon the people the necessity of keeping the first day of the week." E.G. White, Review and Herald, Vol. 1, p. 405, col. 3.


A More Decided Effort to Exalt Sunday—“After the truth has been proclaimed as a witness to all nations, at a time when every conceivable power of evil is set in operation, when minds are confused by the many voices crying, “Lo, here is Christ,” “Lo, He is there,” “This is truth,” “I have a message from God,” “He has sent me with great light,” and there is a removing of the landmarks, and an attempt to tear down the pillars of our faith—then a more decided effort is made to exalt the false sabbath, and to cast contempt upon God Himself by supplanting the day He has blessed and sanctified.” {3SM 406.2}


The truth will be proclaimed to all nations for 1260 days after the initial legislation of the National Sunday Law. On day 1260, a 30 day warning will be given that all who don’t partake of the image of the beast by day 1290 will be killed. Blessed are they who arrive at day 1335! It is then (at the beginning of the 30 day warning on day 1260) that SDA leaders cave in to instruct their members to keep Sunday sacred in order to keep the church going, when it should go underground.


The enemy knows that if the church can be controlled by political enactments, if she can be led to unite with the world, she virtually acknowledges him as her head. Then the authority of man-made commandments will work to oppose the rule of the government of heaven. Under the leadership of Satan men will dispense with the righteous, holy enactments of God concerning the Sabbath, the observance of which is to be a sign between God and His people forever. {ST, November 22, 1899 par. 1}


Consider yourselves having had fair warning. The wise virgins will sell now and get out of the cities while they can get the best profit for their property. The above described dilemma is nothing compared to the ensuing financial collapse that will decimate property value as well, NOT TO MENTION THE SERIOUS JUDGMENTS THAT ELLEN WHITE SAID WILL COME UPON THE CITIES EVEN BEFORE THE LAST GREAT TIME OF TROUBLE. The Lord has shown me that those judgments are imminent.

The time is right upon us when there will be sorrow in the world that no human balm can heal. The flattering monuments of men’s greatness will be crumbled in the dust, even before the last great destruction comes upon the world. . . .Only by being clothed with the robe of Christ’s righteousness can we escape the judgments that are coming upon the earth.—Letter 20, 1901, Selected Messages, Bk 3, pp. 418, 419.

SDA’s give large sums to the church in tithes and offerings, but most will fail to appreciate warnings like the above that could save them thousands, if not millions of dollars. Don’t expect a warning like this from the church! If you are one of the very few who appreciate God’s advanced warnings, this ministry would appreciate your support. We are the only ministry teaching the truth on the most fundamental principle of Christianity, the Godhead.

In the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,


Ronald William Beaulieu