108. My Vision on the State of the World

February 13, 2016


Those who don’t believe Satan has a conspiracy, must conclude he has no plan—No Great Controversy between himself and Christ! This is the epitome Laodicean folly!

The Lord Jesus Christ, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has been pleased to give me a vision on what is transpiring in the world via Lucifer/Satan’s New World Order. Some things I refer to in this document include what I was shown in past visions, but I recite them as relative, contingent, supportive matter.

I was shown that Lucifer and his agents, the Zionists, intend that Jerusalem will be the capital of not only Israel, but the entire world. I was shown once again that Satan made the same offer to God’s chosen people, the Jews, that he made to Christ in the wilderness—control of the world if they would worship him (Satan/Lucifer). Zionist Jews took Satan up on his offer. They worship him and practice his presence so thoroughly that some of them set a place for him at their dinner table. The following link is part of the offer the Zionists made to the Jews during World War II, if the Zionist lobby in Washington, DC was successful in forcing the U.S. government into the war. I was shown that the Zionist lobby is the most powerful lobby in the U.S. government and has been since the Declaration of Independence was crafted.



I was shown that it is the objective of Israel to destroy all of the countries surrounding Israel as a buffer zone to the Zionist government there, and the Jews who will inhabit the land. Ultimately, only Jews will be able to be landed immigrants in Israel and the immediate surrounding countries. No Gentiles immigrants will be able to settle in Israel.

I was shown that because the Zionists have had trouble getting enough Jews to migrate to and populate Israel, that they are going to make conditions so bad in the rest of the world that Jews will readily choose the haven Satan will have prepared for them in Israel. For example, around circa 1948, the Zionists hired Jews living in Iraq to pose as Arab terrorists who terrorized the Jews to motivate them to move to Israel. IT WORKED! So the Zionists decided to work this plan on a world basis. Thus the ISIS terrorists who are supported by Zionists to do their dirty work in destroying the dictators they want to displace, and ultimately to drive the Jews around the world to Israel. ISIS could not just rise up from nowhere without financing, any more than the Palestinians can free themselves!

I was shown that Israel regards the Palestinian refugees within its borders as nothing more than dispensable animals and that they intend to rid the world of them during the third world war if no sooner opportunity presents itself. It is the plan that only Jews will rule the world from Israel. Only they will live safe from the civil strife elsewhere in the world created by civil war between Muslims, Christians and other Gentiles. I was shown that the Zionists joke about there not being enough lions to devour all the Christians, so they will use terrorists.

I was shown that on many occasions the Arabs wanted peace and were most willing to agree to reasonable demands by Israel, but that Israel did not want any peace with the Arabs, but rather wanted to seize more and more land by enticing the Arabs into wars that they knew the Arabs could not win. I was shown that every war Israel has waged against the Arabs was predicated on a lie that Israel’s existence was threatened, when no surrounding country of Arabs was capable in any way of being an existential threat to Israel. Should Iran get a nuclear bomb, then, and then only, there will exist a valid threat to Israel.

The objective of Zionism is to destroy the sovereignty of every country of the world and to destroy all relics of Nationalism. Inclusive to that mission is to infiltrate Arab refugees into the countries of the world that they may cause distress among the nations as they are now causing in many countries of Europe. When their numbers reach a certain titer that renders them power, the same calumnies will bloom in all countries where these Arabs are being immigrated to, because they believe it is their god given duty to conquer the world and impose their values and Sharia law.

Lucifer/Satan and the Zionists far prefer the Arabs to Christians, because they hate Jesus Christ and Christians in general. When their numbers give them sufficient power, they will kill Christians the world over as they have been doing for years now in many parts of Europe and Africa.

I was shown that all the wars from World War I were intended as requisites for the New World Order and that when all countries of the world are overpowered, except for Russia and its atheist army that will serve as Satan’s enforcer,


the final capstone will be placed on the pyramid of the all-seeing-eye, as appears on the U.S. one-dollar currency. All the wars in the Mideast and around the world are the result of Satanists Zionist in their attempt to ultimately remove the sovereignty of all countries of the world. I was shown that there was collusion between the Zionists, Hitler, and England, to prevent the Jews from being migrated to the U.S.A., so that they would be forced to go to Israel. President Truman was willing to accept the Jews, but the Zionist lobby prevailed and thus many more Jews perished. I was shown that the great objective of WW II was to realize the state of Israel and get the Jews to move there, in preparation for the fabrication of Satan’s kingdom there.

I was shown that in order to foil the Jews into thinking Satan is the Messiah, he will rebuild a third temple in Jerusalem after he has removed the Dome of the Rock mosque. That will occur during World War III. Thus, when Lucifer/Satan personates Christ, he will be accepted by the majority of Jews as their long awaited Messiah. I was shown that all scriptures that portray the Jews returning to Israel were CONDITIONAL upon their fulfillment of the 490-year covenant of Daniel 9, in putting away sin. They did not fulfill that covenant and their probation ended in A.D. 34. Their Temple and the city of Jerusalem were destroyed 36 years later in A.D. 70. The Bible says that God gave them a bill of divorce. However, some of the Jews have and will accept Christ and be saved.

I was shown that Satan will come out of his hellish pit on day 1261 after the Jewish (Jesuit) pope has ruled for 1260 days per Revelation 13:1-5 (AFTER THE WOUND IS HEALED—IN CONTEXT). I was shown that Jesuit, Zionist Jews, who had their beginning during the Spanish Inquisition, via Ignatius Loyola who founded the Jesuits, who were forced to “convert” or die, are in control of the Roman Catholic Church. That is why there is now a Jesuit pope. I was shown long ago that the power in Revelation 17 that the whore sits upon, and hates the whore and will finally burn her (vs. 16), is the Zionist Jews. The Romans and the Jews have been arch enemies from before the days of Christ’s time on this earth.

Satan has given the fortunes of this world to the Zionist world bankers who are worth in excess of 500 trillion dollars. They are the only power on earth that is able to burn the Vatican.

The good news is that Jesus Christ is going to intervene in the Armageddon created by Satan’s Zionists! He is going to break them without hand. Daniel 2. It will be by THE YELLOW WIND. The Lord showed me that when Ellen White said that Old Jerusalem would never be built up again, she meant that God would never be involved in any such project. Another way you can be sure that what is going on in Israel is not of God, is the fact that the Zionists teach that they will rule for the millennium from Israel in peace and safety. Seventh-day Adventists believe the New Testament teaching that we are caught up in the air to meet Jesus and spend the millennium in heaven. The millennial reign of Christ on earth, believed also by Evangelicals, lays the red carpet for Satan’s personification of Christ, because only Satan will touch down on this earth.

In the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Ronald William Beaulieu